100 shark card bonus

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After spending a week putting together some data about prices for cars free bets nz and other items in GTA Online Ive confirmed what many, myself included, have believed for years: GTA Online has an inflation problem.
We have reached out to Rockstar for comment on GTA Online's inflation, and will update this article if they respond.It was an early example of Rockstar trying to maintain control over its economy.I bought around 12m worth of cars and stuff, down.8m, back up.5 in two days of playing as I would any other time man.Both of these basic melee weapons cost more than some pistols and SMGs that have been available since launch.Futureproofing, as much as possible lol.I remember in the past when a vehicle costing more than a million dollars was a crazy thing to see.For more information, go here.Looking at just the averages and extreme prices it is pretty easy to see that GTA Online prices are moving upwards.Prices are skyrocketing, and it's getting harder and harder for players to keep.
Would Rockstar in the future raise prices on older items?
Prices for goods are getting higher and higher, while the best ways to earn cash in GTA Online arent increasing to keep.While you only get a 15 boost with the Bull Shark card, the Great White and Whale shark cash cards get you 30 and 35 more GTA, respectively.Voici maintenant le prix de chaque Shark Card.Source : Rockstar Propaganda).Some players feel that Rockstar is over prioritizing these money glitches and ignoring old problems in GTA Online, like long loading times and invincibility and invisibility bugs.While Aleomagic doesnt regret spending the money, he does understand he could have spent it on more useful things.