3 reel slot machine source code

I'got new project to develop 5 reel slot machine algorithm.
A function for managing spending the "credits" to make it easier to manage them.!doctype html html head meta charset"utf-8" meta http-equiv"X-UA-Compatible" content"IEedge, chrome1" title m /title script var count 0; var sound new Audio winner.I have this picture so now i want a to make a 2d reel g what i need is that i can putt manual in how many images there are of each kind so like 3 cherry's and 2 strawberries.Thera 9 simbol.So when the reel needs to stop when i reach that number but the 2d reel needs to move down the images like a real slot machine i taught that you need an array but i really dont know how to.As i know this table is created that's way that this allows 90 payback percentage, But I have no ideas how to done this can anybody help me?It's new for me devoloping gambiling algorithm.Some improvements: Use of refresh as a function used to generate the number values, which generate the values AND writes into the DOM element.Remove of all the old fashion html tags, and change it for CSS.
I am a game design.
I know that every simple slot machine work on RNG.Console Based Slot Machine* C# Visual Studio 2010* 3 different slot reels* 6 Win conditions* Arrays, if statements, Random Number GeneratorTried to make the code very similar to a real slot machine just with only 1 pay nc lottery winning numbers tablebut the mechanics are still the same.1 simbol get the winning 2*x 2 simbol get the winning 3*x 3 simbol get the winning 5*x 4 simbol get the winning 10*x 5 simbol get the winning 20*x 6 simbol get the winning 30*x 7 simbol get the winning 100*x 8 simbol get.As i know The payback of a machine is determined solely and completely by the number of times each symbol appears on each virtual reel.When i press the spacebar i get an number out of an number generator.

Thanks everyone who will help.
Hope someone can help.
And how can i calculate  such way that allows approximately 90 payback percentage?