Bet spread calculator blackjack

Blackjack Attack page 139.
Sorry if we sound like a broken record, but we just have to emphasize the most important thing.While both are essential, many people want to jump to the second issue while taking the first for granted.Here you specify the maximum number of hands you will play, a bankroll and a goal.Perfect blackjack game, you will eventually lose the entire thing.Share Follow News Forum/Blog Fav/EMail.A good double deck game with s17 rules will be on hardcore poker the lower side of that range and most 6-8 deck shoe games (poorer games) with s17 rule will be in the.6 neighborhood.This is the formula on page 139 solved for bankroll.For example, if you specify 95, and the answer is -664 to 1346, then 95 of the time your winnings will be somewhere between -664 and 1,346 units.Time Hands required given goal and desired probability - This is the formula on page 137 solved for time.This is the same as the above calculator, except there is no limit on the number of hands played.Our risk of ruin (the odds of losing our entire blackjack bankroll) would give most card counters (not including Ben) severe hypertension.
Risk given no goal but a time constraint - This is the trip ruin formula.What is the required bankroll given a goal and no time constraint - How much do you need to avoid bankruptcy?There is nothing worse than walking away from a positive count mid shoe.The risk is lower than with the above calculator since you have a quit point.But we worked our tails off to get perfect at blackjack.Anything else I should know as a rookie counter?But you don't have enough money to double down, or only enough to partially double down.It is actually a little more than this, but for sake of ease, we will stick with this accepted rule.You put out your 25 wager and draw a 6,4 vs the dealer 5 card.

For example, if you specify 98, you will hit the calculated goal 98 of the time without going bankrupt within the specified number of hands.
Example #2, along the same lines.
Did we start with a perfect game?