Bingo stamper printables

bingo stamper printables

It doesnt have to be perfect.
Write the first how to make money online poker sentence from your lesson (about feeling the heat).(The words or sentence to write each day will be at the top of your handwriting page.Choose 0. (answer: 5) Day 40 Read lesson 42 in your reader.Students count the objects, find the matching picture, and record the number to show how many.Put the numbers in order.(answer: 6) Day 30 Read lesson 32 in your reader.Print out the page of dots and the page of numbers on the back.Day 10 Read lesson 10 in your reader.They identify the uppercase letter and dab or color the matching lowercase letter.
Write an uppercase K in each box across a whole row.
Today write lines of a and b on your handwriting page.Thats the first reader in the McGuffey series.Day 24 Read lesson 26 in your reader.First Reader in the beginning of the course.Students practice beginning sounds by saying the name of the picture and dabbing the letter to show the beginning sound.You could ask a parent or older sibling to draw the first one if you are unsure.On the top line write these words: zoo box zebra Play 100th Day of School.Day 145 Write todays date on the calendar.This equates to kindergarten.