Bingo terms explained

62 tickety-boo an army phrase.
The usage was reinforced by Dirty Gertie from Bizerte, a bawdy song sung by Allied soldiers in North Africa during the Second World War.
58 choo choo Thomas we all recognise Thomas the Tank Engine as being.
10 ( Theresa's ) Den The name refers to whoever currently resides at Number 10 Downing Street.Bingo Booklet: If you want to buy a large amount of bingo cards it is more cost effective to buy a booklet, which is a group of cards that you can purchase at a lower cost than if you were buying slotted and drilled rotors worth it the same amount.Free Bingo: A bingo game found in online casinos free of charge where players are able to play without depositing any money.Refer to 12 being "a dozen" above 85 Staying alive 12 Rhymes with Eighty) Five" 86 Between the sticks Rhymes with Eighty) Six".78 39 more steps.When you achieve a winning line or pattern, and before the next number is called out.65 Retirement age, Stop work 2 A reference to the British age of mandatory retirement.Texas Blackout Whatever the first number called is, even or odd, you have to get all of those numbers on your card covered to win.53 The Welsh Div the 53rd Army Division.Jackpot The main cash prize in a bingo game.
S Serial Number: The number you will find on every set of bingo tickets and cards that are printed.
References edit a b c d e f "J-Lo gets bingo call-up".For instance a wild number 13, a player can cross of 23,33,43, etc.Doctors orders, 6 2 to Waterloo etc.After Games: A bingo game which commences after a regular bingo session.But taken on in Britain because of the name of the 70s wrestler.The company who made the electronic dauber system called.E.D that allows players to purchase multiple cards and have them daubed automatically when playing online bingo.Wild Number: A wild number is normally the first number drawn in a game, when it is a double-digit figure the second number will be the wild number.44 Aldershot Ladies a military term originally Aldershot whores.44 Droopy slot machine play vegas drawers 5 Rhyme that refers to sagging trousers.House: Another way of referring to a casino or gambling facility, including the bingo hall.