Board game card sleeve sizes

2GM Tactics: Exclusive Playmat Special Terrain Cards Number of cards: 48 total number of cards: 809 Dice rolls.
Not all manufacturers use this system, so not everything is color coded.
Getting extra packs of sleeves is advised, as some of them may not fit some games.
Arcane Tinmen sleeve size: lotto 6 42 Standard - Gray (AT-10406, 100/pack) - (63 x 88mm) BCW sleeve size: Deck Guard - Clear - Red (1-DG-CLE, 50/pack) or Regular Inner Sleeve - Orange (1-sslv-I, 100/pack) Blackfire sleeve size: Premium Outer Sleeve - Light Green (03129, 50/pack) - (69.Fantasy Flight measures its sleeves by the maximum size of card that will fit in them, not the size of the sleeve itself.Best look up KMC card sleeves or FFG card sleeves for the best deal.Sleeving will most likely double the height of the cards.I thought I would make a complete guide to sleeving cards in board games.Premium sleeves are 90 microns.Data copied from his list is with his permission.What do I mean?The consensus: Buying online?Docsmagic: Regular sleeves are 50 microns.Sleeve thickness: Most 'penny' sleeves are about 40 microns thick, and most 'premium' sleeves are about 100 microns.
Arcane Tinmen sleeve size: Large - Blue (AT-10402, 100/pack) - (59 x 92mm) BCW sleeve size: Board Game Sleeve - 59 x 92mm - Purple (1-BG-59X92, 50/pack) or Max Protection Sleeve - 93 x 62mm (MP-7050B 9362, 100/pack) Blackfire sleeve size: Large - Orange (40004.
Alderac Entertainment Group, Mayday 'green' (63.5x88mm) sleeves are usually too short, and Ultra-Pro (66x91mm, #82689) sleeves too narrow.
Board Game: 1835 Average Rating:7.01 Overall Rank: 2086 Adam Kranzel ( Taeraresh ) United States Berkeley California This game contains three sizes of cards.Most like FFG or Mayday unless your store can order KMC non-Magic sizes for you.If kinsmen bingo cards any has used them and can report back to me on quality and consistency of sizing, I would appreciate.Thick sleeves for small cards are nice since you handle them much more than search cards.About.50 for 50 in flgs.Resources To Sleeve or not to sleeve.You'll end up looking online or fiddling for a while figuring how the heck to get them all in there.What do all the colors mean?Dominion: You may want to go cheap on these with thin sleeves of the correct size, for cost and space reasons.