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The jackpot will continue to be a climbing prize, based on the number of tickets sold, original hearts card game but it will now start at a guaranteed minimum first prize of 500,000.
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Guernsey beneficiaries are chosen through the Association of Guernsey Charities.'It's horrible - I hate asking my mum to get us things like milk and bread.'Neither of us have jobs."The ticket price has increased but I have confidence that the new Christmas Lottery is excellent value for money.Dismissing claims: The couple have received a backlash since news of their plight was made public.In April, the UK introduced a ban on betting on the outcome of EuroMillions draws.But this was refused and the couple were evicted from their 890-a-month flat.Social Security, which is responsible for welfare claims on the Channel Island of Guernsey, have refused to help.
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As tickets for the CI Christmas Lottery rise to 3 each, the CI Lottery distribution agent representative in Guernsey, Peter Brierley, said he believes they represent excellent value for money.
Channel Islands Christmas Lottery 2018, the winning numbers will be announced on Thursday 20 December 2018.'We had to sell it to live and get food.We are hoping they Social Security will help.' He said it had been the 'worst Christmas ever' as he and his wife could only afford one present each for their children.Unhappy: Mrs Hort bemoaned on Facebook how she was unable to get the Christmas presents she wanted.The pair said they had been searching for jobs but claimed there was nothing available.They married in January last year but described it as a 'small ceremony' with just family that 'didn't cost much'.

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UK lottery legislation also prohibits the re-selling of tickets.