Dauntless referral bonus

dauntless referral bonus

The minimum payout figure means that if you as an affiliate have a balance payable of less than this figure then this money will not be new jersey internet poker paid to you until and hollywood casino comp points only if your balance payable grows to a figure greater to or equal.
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Payment requests are handled manually by our staff if they see a request, they will act upon it as appropriate.The advantages of being a reseller include that the profit per sale is typically higher for resellers than it is for affiliates.We (Dauntless) are generally unaware of the specifics of this as this is a highly technical exercise.This includes our Canadian, European, Australian, and other products, even if there also happens to be a price listed in a non-USD currency on our website.It should normally be rather unusual for you to owe us money under this program, since for the most part money flows here go from us to you as the result of your affiliate sales.As a result, we cannot offer commissions on such salesthat is, if we do not get paid, then we naturally cannot (and will not) pay the affiliate for this transaction.Additionally, note that at the time of this writing the vast majority of sales via our website tend to be for products.We generally do go to the trouble to report the issue to their banks because banks eventually "black ball" such people after sufficient reports, though we are not always able to recover our payment.A3.4 These terms and conditions available via the online system The affiliate interface will contain a link to the current copy of the terms and conditions.At.5 commission rate, 50 in commissions results from only 285.72 of sales, which at the time of this writing is equivalent to the sale price of approximately 8 or 9 of our common FAA written test preparation software titles.
Reseller-Preface - Here's how the program works (Terms and Conditions) This reseller program is designed you and us by essentially a standard manufacturer-retailer arrangement.If a visitor comes to our website(s) via a Dauntless advertising link (banner ad, text ad, etc) on Google, Yahoo, certain aviation sites or other locations, there will be no affiliate credit paid to you as it can be rightly surmised that the customer arrived.However, unfortunately, a certain percentage are not.The specific details of the customer(s) involved will be obscured to protect customer privacy, but, in general, you will be able to see details such as which product was purchased, for how much, and what your corresponding affiliate commission for that sale will nominally.From fiendish Dire Behemoths and heroic difficulties to unique hunt modifiers encouraging Slayers to adapt their strategies, the Evergame offers a multitude of challenges and promises powerful rewards (including Exotic gear) to those who answer the call.