Drunk card games for 2

Sometimes, playing drinking games like beer pong with big groups of people can be very interesting than playing a slot machine technician 4 fun game just for two people.
The goal is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand so need to strategize this.
4, asshole, asshole is a popular, but more complex and competitive turn based card drinking game.
Never Have I Ever is a really interesting game and gets a lot better when you add alcohol to the mix.However, it can also join the two player drinking games.Kings, where players draw one card per turn and perform actions based on the card/color drawn.It can also be played with shots or beer.We created the full Big 2 card game rules here.For shots, start by filling a shot glass with tequila, white rum or some other clear liquor.You have one player who deals a card from the deck and then the second player guesses whether the next dealt card will be higher or lower than the current one.This game can be played with a friend, and you both know each other well, or with someone who you both want to know each other better.This game is in the group of drinking card games for two, and its a simple game.So, sixty shots of beer in an hour.
5, bullshit, bullshit is a fun card drinking game where the goal is to get rid of your cards the fastest by playing them face down and not getting correctly called out on a lie.
Before we get into the top 10, we had to throw an honorable mention to our buddies that developed.
The person who starts the round gets to choose which card combination will be played for that round.More Suggestions: Would You Rather Questions, clean Would You Rather Questions.Chicken Shit, a drinking game designed to be played in public that will turn a simple night out at the bar with your buddies into one you'll never forget!Two Truths and a Lie.Then the roles get switched, its a fun drinking game for a large group too.The second player guesses which one of the statements is a lie, if he is correct, the first player drinks, if he is wrong, he drinks.Its an excellent game to play when youre sober, add alcohol and it becomes a great game.1, kings, one of the most popular social drinking games in the world, players actions and drinks are associated with the face-down card that they randomly select each turn).Fuck the Dealer, the Fuck the Dealer drinking game is a classic card drinking game that is fun for both the dealer all other players, where guessing the cards correctly or incorrectly in a row results in drinks for either players or the dealer.Your position each round yields to an initial pre-game advantage (or disadvantage and positions are won by getting rid of your cards the fastest.