Fy18 usmc reserve bonus

Sergeants conducting an inter-unit transfer (IUT) may request the rerb in conjunction with the IUT. .
Prior service AC or AR sergeants must be released from active duty with an honorable discharge.
Must serve in a bingo halls in taylor michigan valid BIC as a grade and MOS match (N-grade of one up is authorized).Marines assigned bingo pets mount waverley to the smcr lateral move program must report for formal MOS training within 180 days of affiliation with the contracted smcr unit. .Transfers to the IRR or another Service.This maradmin announces the following changes to reference (a. .The three year service obligation of applicants who submit for the bonus during the last 90 days of their current smcr obligation will not run concurrent. .Must be Professional Military Education (PME) complete, or enrolled to complete resident PME. .
RA will be notified and the D302 mctfs remarks updated in the case of a Marine who is later assigned to a different BIC.
AND enlisted affiliation, bonus (EAB).
RA (RAM-1) will adjudicate and return the relm request via tfrs to the originator via tfrs to the originator with the following items: (1) RA (RAM-1) endorsed SOU with bonus approval or disapproval.Must not have been reduced in grade to their current grade, in zone or above zone for promotion in the smcr, or previously passed over for promotion in any component.(d) E-mail the DD Form 4 or navmc 321(a lottery drum as applicable, along with the RA (RAM-1) endorsed SOU to Manpower Management Records and Performance (mmrp) Branch for inclusion into the member's Official Military Personnel File to [email protected] usmc.mil.This bulletin cancels on 30 September 2018.Unit CPs will submit all requests for Marines that are current members of the AR, smcr, and IMA Marines requesting to IUT to an smcr unit. .Morrisroe, Director, Reserve, affairs Division, Acting./).Requests for IUT must be adjudicated by RA (RAP). .This maradmin cancels on 30 September 2018.

Retraining in conjunction with the rerb. .