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However, ITV continue to have an office with news crews based here at Maidstone.
In November 2016 Piers play slots for fun Read was appointed head of the studios. .
I couldn't believe my eyes!
It continued to be used for various entertainment series and gameshows, mostly for S4C and was booked by the BBC's Mastermind. .Studio 1 is 79 x 57 metric feet wall to wall. .Between 20 these studios were busy making a number of Endemol shows including Brainteaser for Five, Efourum for E4, Art School for BBC2, Gala Bingo for Gala TV, The Restaurant for BBC2 and C4's huge hit Deal or No Deal which began in October 2005.Well, sorry, but I am trying to fit work, home and some sort of social life into my time. .Current and recent BBC production studios outside London BBC Cardiff Broadcasting House, Llandaff image thanks to BBC Wales website The BBC site lotto ghana at Llandaff was purchased in 1952. .I don't know how much dock10 paid for them but let's just say I'll bet BBC S PP couldn't believe their luck when they managed to find somebody who actually wanted to buy them. .But the messroom was a great place for a bit of banter with your mates; even the most conscientious crewmen enjoyed exchanging waspish accounts to relieve the monotony.We went north, of course, but only as far as Millerhill Yard, so there was quite a lot to take in and learn.It has the name of Studio City Scotland and is planned to be built on land next to Claverhouse Industrial Park. .Within the building there are 2 acoustically treated stages, each of 20,000 sq ft plus an additional 38,000 sq ft of shooting floor.It is pretty clear that a great deal of work would be required to create these within the existing building as it has many windows and skylights in the roof and the irregular roof structure would appear to make a conventional lighting grid tricky.
As example of this is Postcode Challenge, which was made in studio.'We are a failure!' I hollered at him - 'Fire in the engine room!' He gave a thumbs up signal and disappeared inside the cabin.(Below) Fast-forward to the present day, the wires are up, the junction has been simplified, Platforms 1-3 have been removed and the track lifted to make way for a car park.This reputation quickly spread round the industry and did a great deal of harm. .Anyone could have thought of the name of course - but it's the capital letters that make it a stroke of genius. .When the brake was applied and the train continued to slide through the platform it wasn't unknown for the driver to drop the window and inform the surprised passengers - 'I'll be back in a minute!' he'd shout out, before reversing back.However, John Birt's 'Producer Choice' agenda in the early 1990's forced Pebble Mill to charge unrealistic rental rates for the studio and thus ensured that Studio 1 became too expensive for radio use. .

In February 2014 David Ferris was the man in charge and he kindly wrote to me with the latest information: The site currently in use occupies 24 acres and has the 4 stages plus planning consent for one more. .