Game of life stock cards

To payback loans, a 5,000 interest must be paid for each loan received.
Emily says: Are you allowed to have more than one house?
Otherwise, place your car on Countryside Acres and wait there until all players have retired.I just got gong the new fangled edition and I don't understand something.The instructions are for 1977, 1991, and 2000 jillian says: I have lost the rules to my game, but any where I look online I cannot find them.Throughout the game, players may buy stocks allowing them to collect 10,000 from the bank every time their stock number is spun on the wheel (even if done by the person holding the stock).First, game doesn't tell you how many of each piece you should have only means that you should have them.Red Spaces: Only three of these spaces exist: Job Search, Get Married, and Buy a House.Rules and Board Spaces: Bank loans must be paid back by the end of the game and cost the loan amount 5,000 interest (25,000 per note).Career Spaces are extra opportunities to make some money from other players.
Kids go to wife, but at the end of game you pay bank 5000 per child as a alimony fine.All stop spaces must be obeyed; once a player 2 slot diffuser follows the instructions on a stop space they must spin and move again.Players keep their salary and career cards when chosen; other players may not have the same career or salary as another player.Kristen says: So what happens if everyone has retired except for one player and the only player that retired at the millionaire estates is out of life tiles, and the draw pile is out.My set has only 3 Career Cards.This description focuses on the later version with the larger dollar amounts.Jessica says: i love this game- but i dont play it much!