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Eventually Pavetta was distracted enough for Geralt and Mousesack to bring her back to her senses.
01:50, sjekk ut metaspillet i For Honor.Unlike Dagorad (her grandfather) it's unclear why hers is different.With things calmed down, Pavetta and Duny explained that they'd been seeing each other for over a year and had fallen in love and Calanthe agreed to let them get married, unknowingly breaking the curse by doing.Calanthe, however, thought these activities would weaken her daughter's health and subsequently tried to drag her out to do other things, though Pavetta would try to find a way to sneak off during them to go read.She's the second member born in the Cintran line whose first name doesn't follow the tradition of beginning with a "C".On one such occasion, while she was reading some poetry, an armored body of a human, but the head of a hedgehog, appeared out of the bushes, causing her to drop her poetry book in surprise.WRC 6 Official Face the Danger Trailer 01:02.
Pavetta Fiona Elen, status, deceased (died out at sea hair color.Law of Surprise, Calanthe decided she needed to get rid of the hedgehog being and so brought in a witcher.Not realizing the hedgehog being was Duny, Calanthe held a feast for the princess' would-be-suitors around Pavetta's 15th birthday and had invited Geralt under the pretext of keeping things civilized.The feast was going well when a knight arrived with a helmet over his head and claimed to be "Urcheon of Erlenwald" and explained that he was there to collect his reward for saving King Roegner's life: Pavetta, through the Law of Surprise.1 15th Birthday Feast Edit Unknown to Pavetta, she was bound by Destiny since birth by the Law of Surprise, for Duny had saved her father's life.Source and the mother of, ciri.Female, nationality, coat of arms, parent(s partner(s).In fact, Vilgefortz had been conspiring with Duny to bring both Pavetta and Ciri to Nilfgaard.

While Calanthe acknowledged this, she refused to give her daughter to a stranger and through trickery, had her people ring the bell to say it was midnight before it actually was to get Urcheon to remove his helmet.
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In particular, the young princess loved to read poetry and listen to music.