How many years no claims bonus do i have

Unless your no claims bonus is protected, it is lost if you make a claim.
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Almost all car insurance providers offer a service that allows their policy holders to protect their no claims discount.
As an example, say you have a minor accident and scratch the paint work on your car.It must not be used on any other policy and must be dated in the last 3 months.As the name suggests, it benefits drivers who do not make a claim against their car insurance.To keep your no claims bonus you have two options.Claim free driving recognised as no claims bonus.Once again, it is variable depending on the insurer.What affects no claims bonus In basic terms, unless a no claims bonus is protected, the policy holder may lose some or all of their no claims if An example could be that: your vehicle was hit by an uninsured driver received damage.In which case, your.
We can accept out-of-date no claims bonus entitlement in many instances, but we can also accept valid overseas and international bonus and offer discounts for company car drivers or similar driving experience.
Insurance with out of date bonus.
Our staff are all seasoned insurance experts and will calculate your premium individually, using their expert knowledge of the many specialist insurance schemes on offer.Quicker Cheaper rates by phone, please complete the call me form during office hours 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm Saturday for an immediate insurance".Some insurance providers may not accept a no claims discount if there has world lottery online been any break with active car insurance at all.You can reduce the risk of a break-in, by installing solid window and door locks, and even a burglar alarm system.A young driver can easily expect to pay anywhere from 1,000 to 1,500 or more for their firsts years car insurance.You will need to e-mail or send your new provider this letter.The longer you go without claiming, the bigger the discount you will get, typically up to a maximum of four or five consecutive years.If you do not have this you will need to contact your previous insurer and request another copy.Say no to claims, the best way of protecting your no-claims discount is to avoid having to make a claim on your home insurance policy in the first place.