How to build a poker table top

Allow the wood filler to dry.
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Drive 2-inch screws through each side of the collar and into the post.Immediately, Oreo decided this was nice and comfortable to sit.Repeat on other side and trim off excess vinyl.Measure 22 " from the marked spot.Make sure you work out any air bubbles.Here's how the rail pad turned out.Assemble Top and Middle Piece First, apply wood glue to one side of the top piece.I had to try chateau baccarat degustation fit the rail with the cover on the pad.
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Lay the cut piece centered over the open center space.Dimensions: Table 40" wide x 94" long, rail 42" wide x 96" long, materials used: Qty.If I did it over I would use 1/4 closed cell foam or better yet, neoprene.This gap is needed for the felt and vinyl.Go halfway between two of the staple and pull it tight and put in 1 staple.1x4 apron: You'll bevel the ends of 8 pieces at a 22-degree angle to trim the edges of the table.That brings us to the end of our free card table plans.Drill 10 countersink pilot holes for each leg mount board; 3 holes on each side and 4 on the end.

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Using a circular saw, cut just outside the outer ring; leave the line to create a slightly larger surface than the table.
I had to work quickly!