How to franchise lotto outlet in the philippines 2018

For security flash casino games video reasons, all lotto outlets lotto 22 07 17 should be enclosed and must be facing the direction of human traffic/entry.
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Sketch or Location Map of the proposed site, showing location of existing lotto outlets, if any, in the area.
Pcso got its franchise from the Philippine Congress and those interested to operate their own outlets are called lotto agents.The agent also has to post a cash bond of P500,000 or pay a surety bond of P5,795.37 annually.Its Charter allows the pcso to allot 30 of its net sales to the Charity Fund, while 55 is allotted to prizes, and the remaining 15 to operations.In Metro Manila, the" is said to be P300,000 to P600,000 every month depending on the location.Is the 7-Eleven franchise opportunity a blatant employment scam? .The terminal will then be installed.The distance is to be measured from the door of the establishment proper to the proposed outlet and shall follow road directions and not the straight line or hypotenuse distance between the two points: Distance from pawnshop: At least 5 meters Distance from schools, churches.In an upcoming lawsuit, 7-Eleven franchisees may claim they are really employees being deprived of social security, overtime and other employment benefits.