Is online poker legal in ct

However, Connecticut residents can wager through the more than a dozen off track betting parlors within the state. .
While Connecticut is fairly lenient when it comes to how to win at a slot machine 6 0 regulated gambling, and the different forms they offer, they arent as lenient when it comes to playing poker over the Internet.
The law does not define incidental to a bona fide social relationship; the legislative history of the law does not indicate the legislature's intent in enacting the exemption (see House and Senate debate attached and we found no controlling Connecticut court ruling on the meaning.
The Division of Special Revenue ran the lottery until the DCP Gaming Division took control.In a July 13, 2004 press release on the above issue, the office said Gambling is permitted sparinglyonly in social situations and strongly urged the establishments to honor the state's gambling prohibitions.Some studies have shown the game of poker as 88 skill and 12 chance.New players can earn up to 1,000 in bonus cash on their 1st deposit.When something isnt being prosecuted it is for all practical purposes tolerated under the law and this is the case here.The Commissioner of Consumer Protection is the permit issuing authority for the bingo and sealed ticket activities, and the chiefs of police and first selectmen of small towns are the permit issuing authorities for bazaar and raffle activities.References: (1 connecticut Penal Code, Section 53-278a, Gambling: Definitions (2).Regarding offline poker, certain forms are legal but follow very strict rules and regulations.So from this we do know that playing poker for money constitutes gambling and is in violation of Connecticut law, and merely being present when such gambling is included, even though you arent involved in the gambling yourself.These two criteriaa bona fide social relationship and no profit motivemust be present for a gambling activity to be considered legal social gambling ( m ) Court Cases In Houston.
However, as mentioned above the exception seems to be if its a social relationship situation where no money, prizes, and/or awards are won or lost.There are no bills pending in the Connecticut legislature that seek to legalize and regulate online gambling in any form.Clause (b) states that any person who engages in professional gambling shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.Its important to note that organizations must obtain the proper licensing in order to classify the gambling they offer as legal, otherwise it will be deemed illegal even if they are offering a legal form of gambling.DSR determination, dSR, in an August 25, 2004 press release, indicated that the hosting of poker tournaments by commercial bars is illegal.According to the division: The hosting of poker games by persons, firms or organizations would be a violation of the State's criminal statutes and a violation of the Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) between the Mashantucket P"and Mohegan Tribes and the State.Not many states offer this form of wagering, and it is currently operated by Autotote Enterprises.It was thus illegal (194 Colo.

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