Legion extra character slot

Add in the Deredeo to buff him up and with a lucky roll on the Warp Storm table (or doubles) you'll have a 3 mega-monster fighting a 5 to No save Primarch!
This rule does not apply to Characters of any kind, so you can't beef up your Praetor (or Kharn) or even your squad sergeants, just the grunts.
Don't limit yourself to bikes.
Fortifications edit note: the Age of Darkness Force Org comes with one Fortification slot, which allows you to take any fortifications from Stronghold Assault (not Planetary Onslaught RAW, and no Plasma Obliterator for you) as long as they're less than 500 points and do not.Having big guns just 15" away is just asking to be charged by other TEQs, a bit of a waste of points.Heavy Support edit Legion Heavy Support Squad: When Devastators were good.The Great Mathhammer (if I'm correct) balloon roulette game tells us that an unsaved Deathlock wound leads to less than one extra wound on an Ld 9 unit, making it strictly worse than a Volkite Charger.Trades in shooting for better punching, as 30k Servo-automatas do not have Servo-Arms outside of Solar Auxilia.On a 4-5 no VPs are awarded; on a 6 your side gets the VP instead.Onslaught Force Organization Chart The big guns.Firedrake Terminators: Your Deathstar unit, the Salamanders' Terminator elite.
It's a drop pod that can fly after landing and burn things when they land or cross over them.
Sworn Brothers: Night Lords: Sons of Horus: XV Legion: Thousand Sons edit Everyone's favourite Space Egyptians before Ahriman fucked everything up, the Sons of the Cyclops were an astounding spell-binding powerhouse force with the schematic nuance to cast their arms in a myriad of lethal.
Like Samus he can't be used against Primarchs without some serious buffing (or de-buffing if that's your thing).His two unique tricks are a slaaneshi scream one use S2 AP- template with Rending and Pinning, which isn't likely to do much against MEQs, and his Thunder Hammer loses Unwieldy in the turn he charges, which is Awesome, especially in challenges where he strikes.Seriously, Angron vs Tau in close combat is the ultimate(epitome) in Rape.Because it does NOT count as firing a weapon, use his Cognis-signum to give 1BS to the Tyrants, who fire both their combi-bolters and Cyclone launchers in the same phase.Just avoid being targeted by S8 weapons and make sure you have something that will let them close the gap with the enemy (like most close combat units, they can be dealt with by having their transport blown up).Headhunters meant to take out enemy command elements, these are your Sternguard vets: 5-10 strong with Special issue ammo that is different from 40k, Implacable Advance, BS5 and Preferred Enemy against one enemy unit or Independent Character (their target chosen after any infiltrators have been.While Night Lords make for a great anti-infantry force, you'll probably start losing most of your advantages against horde GEQ armies, who outnumber YOU and were poorer melee combatants which you would tear apart anyway, or against opponents who bring heavier vehicles/ordnance to the field.While he shines brightest as a support character, Ahriman is more than decent in a challenge should you roll Precognition; any T4 or less target without Eternal Warrior or a 3 will likely fall to his Force Axe.While he can do a good job tearing up infantry in the shooting phase with the AC, he's actually best used in melee; on top of Fleet and the D3 HoW attacks he gets on the charge, he has a similar effect to Ancient Rylanor.