Lex slot types

lex slot types

Create the slot types, or parameter values, that the OrderPizza intent uses.
Is there any way to accomplish this?
Amazon Lex maintains a list of possible resolutions for a slot.
To make it easier to create your bots, Amazon Lex allows you to use standard Alexa built-in intents and slot types.The problem is that Lex does not offer slot types for email or an bankingaccount number in iban format (nor any other format).These parameters, or slots, have a type.My first thought was to create two slot types like toChange and newValue where the user could say "Change my name to Peter Griffin" or "My new email is ".Slot values will be used as training data and the slot is resolved to the value provided slot machines houston atlantic city by the user if it is similar to the slot values and synonyms.I can literally type anything I want and it will be accepted, like lets say an email address or an account number :twinkle: For the moment this approach works fine, but there is absolutely no guarantee it will stay this way in the future,.For example, if the user enters "funny the slots field contains "funny" and the first entry in the slotDetails field is "comedy." You can configure the valueSelectionStrategy when you create or update a slot type with the.Choose the plus sign.
Press tab and in the.The following example shows the slot and slot details section of the input to a Lambda function: "slots "MovieGenre "funny, "slotDetails "Movie "resolutions "value "comedy".Turns out Lex can't handle these custom string inputs.The slot values will be used as an enumeration and the value entered by the user will be resolved to the slot value only if it is the same as one of the slot values or a synonym.Each bot can have a total number of 50,000 slot type values and synonyms.Sizes, available sizes small, medium, large size What size pizza?In the, add slot type dialog box, add the following: Slot type name, crusts, description.Edit, during testing I found out there is no validation on Amazons side for amazon.The dialog should look like this: Choose, add slot to intent.