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The slot on the left uses module key E, and the one on the right uses module key.
First, the physical connector on each card is different; each card has different cutouts in the bottom and exposes different pins.
The next one to the right is a Sandisk SSD that uses the sata bus. .Since it's of general interest to anyone buying or building a PC, we're posting this slightly edited and expanded version as a separate piece to make it easier to find and reference.The one on the right is a Samsung SSD that can use up to four PCI Express lanes.Components can access many different buses through one small internal connector, and you've got a lot of different physical card sizes to play with instead of being tied to either a "full-height" or "half-height" card.Key, card measurements, interfaces, common uses.Even a tiny Mini-ITX motherboard can easily make room for the maximum length.2 PCB, which is 110 millimeters long.M.2 2280: 22 millimeters wide by 80 millimeters long.If you want to add a second.2 x4 drive, you are pretty much out of luck until someone releases.2 to PCI-E adapter that can handle multiple grand ho tram casino drives in a single slot.Performance Range, since this article is about.2 drives in general, we are not going to give any specific benchmark numbers but rather talk in general, theoretical terms of what is possible with.2.This is still notable, but is not exactly revolutionary.One, sata Express, uses the same physical connector as older sata drives but uses PCI Express lanes rather than the sata bus to boost storage speeds.
If you are looking for benchmarks, we recommend reading our.Read this article at m/guides/586, share: Always look at the date when you read a hardware article.As for the drives, most PCI-E x2 drives are keyed for BM (so they can work with any socket) and PCI-E x4 drives are keyed just for.M.2 to PCI-E x4 adapter that can take multiple lengths of drives.Since.2 drives use the PCI-E bus, the maximum throughput will not always be limited to PCI-E.0.

Two of ourĀ SSDs are 22mm wide and 80mm long, or 2280.