Mirro shaz bonus chest

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In order to land the shot at the exact distance, you'll need to hit it four times with the sledgehammer and then twice more with a one-handed weapon while under stasis.Open the chest to obtain the.Next you'll encounter a block, which needs to be pushed up to lower down this sloped bridge.It's tough to do (you'll have a much easier time if you've upgraded your stasis ability at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab but get it right and the ball will sail.Before you meet him, head around to the left of his walled area, to find a hidden hallway that wraps around to another elevator.The first part of the trial consists.In any case, this bit's easy.Head back to the right and directly face the metal orb, so that you're looking out over another body of water with a distant platform.There's a chest when you walk in that contains an Iron Sledgehammer with extra durability, which will come in handy.Climb the ladder and walk up the bridge.Name, english, uK, mirro Shaz Shrine Tempered Power Gallery The exterior of Mirro Shaz Shrine.
Link can apply the same tactics to hit the ball into the second goal, except this time Link must hit the ball exactly 5 times with the Sledgehammer, and once with a smaller weapon.Ahead, you will see Mirro Shaz.Again, you can use stasis and whack it five times.These things are extremely rare: they can be used to buy weapons at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, or, more importantly, to upgrade some of the game's best pieces of armor at the Fairy Fountains.The first two parts must be completed to finish, while the third optional part rewards.Games, james O'Connor, july 2nd, 2017 8 pictures, mirro Shaz is a fun shrine.Link can then return to the.Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game guides.How to find Mirro Shaz shrine.Themes and Navigation, there are three parts to the Shrine's.

Hit the orb five times with your sledgehammer while it is frozen in place, which will launch it out over the water.
Monk, mirro Shaz, allowing Link to finish the trial.