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Sunday 7th September 1997 indiana casino buffet (7.05am) Camelot's official Web site displayed the incorrect numbers for over four hours this morning for today's.15am non-televised draw.
Although the official reason was a stomach virus, it turned out that Geri had started moves that eventually led her to leaving the Spice Girls.
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Saturday 16th January 1999 10 billion pounds in prizes have now been awarded by the UK National Lottery.Apparently, Christmas Day is the only day of the year when the lottery network is shut down (on the possibly dubious assumption that no lottery retailers will open on Christmas Day).Saturday 13th January 1996 Ticket sales exceeded 70 million for the first time in a "normal" week.Saturday 17th October 1998 The official Vernons Easy Play Web site finally launched a full design today (a mere 10 weeks late but it was disappointing.This meant the tickets covered Saturdays beyond the next 8 draws and Camelot have honoured the date range by giving those lucky players free entry to the Wednesday draws in the date range, costing them a staggering 200,000!Thursday 4th September 1997 (11pm) A ticket bought on the Wirral for Lottery #126 won a 552,002 jackpot prize, remained unclaimed after 180 days and was duly added to the National Lottery Distribution Fund.
Tuesday 2nd June 1998 Camelot announced record annual pre-tax profits of over 80m today.
Even with our backs turned we could feel your eyes drilling through the backs of our necks.
You called us terrorists!Wednesday 26th February 1997 The fourth midweek draw was the seventh Super Draw with a guaranteed 7m jackpot.Predictably, the entire slot machine tips to win uk 28,000-strong lottery terminal network ground to a halt for 20 minutes today due to a ticket sale frenzy.Thursday 29th May 1997 Camelot announced a drop in all their year-end figures, including: Ticket sales dropped by 494 million.723 million.Monday 16th August 1999 National Lottery retailers convicted of selling or distributing smuggled alcohol or tobacco will now lose their lottery terminal automatically.Monday 1st January 1996 Camelot took the unprecedented step of shutting down all lottery terminals on New Year's Day because most stores were closed during this public holiday.Reasons to choose the top seven lotto numbers 38: Number of games in a Premier League football season.We've launched our very own game with.

Some retailers were offline for up to an hour.
And the worst number to put on your lotto ticket is 13 - which has been unlucky for everybody.