Nfl playoff games vegas odds

nfl playoff games vegas odds

In general, Elo has the NFC South as the fifth-best division in football, but if both teams buck the odds and live up to those spreads on the road, our computer might have to change its tune).
Thats how were able to simulate the remainder of jon turner poker the NFL schedule thousands of times and track each teams chances of winning the division or making the playoffs, right down to using the NFLs actual, highly arcane tiebreaker rules.Speaking of the Broncos, they had the most predicted wins in last weeks column, but their loss to the Seahawks was damaging both because it took away about.38 expected wins for the Seattle game itself, and because their Elo rating was downgraded.Either way, Bengals fans should enjoy their teams newfound success.And along with the Bengals and Cardinals, the Chargers have added the most to their Elo score since the preseason free slots 88 ratings, improving from a 1555 to their current 1602 mark over the course of three straight victories.San Diego shouldnt be forgotten in the Super Bowl derby.NFL Elo ratings and playoff odds?NFL week 8: betdaq NFL analyst John Arnette returns with his Week 8 preview and best bets.
6 and 10 in our rankings.
NFL week 3: betdaqs John Arnette provides how to play casino slot machines beginners his best bets for Week 3 of the NFL season.
Lets hope there isnt another.Based on Elo, an average team would be expected to beat Cincinnatis remaining opponents by about.1 points per game (taking into account where the games are being played while an average team would lose.6 PPG against Seattles slate,.4 PPG against Denvers.As I mentioned, Elo ratings can also be used to generate point spreads for future games.No teams have shed more points off of their Elo ratings since the season began, with each losing in excess of 49 points (the equivalent of about two points per game of expected scoring margin) compared to their preseason ratings.While youre thinking, let me briefly explain what these numbers are all about.Elo considers Washington and the New York Football Giants to be a classic pick em, while Vegas sees Washington as three-and-a-half point favorites, perhaps underestimating just how bad of a period this is in the franchises history.