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Accounting records shall be available for inspection during business hours by any person purchasing a chance thereon, by the commission or its representatives, or by any law enforcement agency.
USA, michigan, transit token, ND (1985) MT, ONE fare NO cash value / 2 slots, brass, 23mm, A530V.USA, NEW mexico, brothel fantasy, ND (1960s) adobe concert hall ONE first class LAY goldfield nevada satisfaction guaranteed / blank, brass, 45mm, all incuse,.Enforcement of this subsection shall be the duty of all peace officers and all taxing and licensing officials of this state and its political subdivisions and other public agencies.Vinyl was used for the popular 78-rpm V-discs issued to US soldiers during World War.USA, NEW york, transit token, ND (1921) UT, united traction company system / UT, good FOR ONE fare, 4 semicircular cutouts, copper-nickel, 16mm, Albany, A10A.USA, florida, transit token, ND (1944) metropolitan transit company / good FOR 15 IN trade, cutouts form "M tin plated steel, 16mm, North Miami, A610D.Vietnam, US military, saigo M 777 / same, brass, 18mm, C-VN4730c spots,.44 Of note are Rabco 's SL-8, followed by Bang Olufsen with its Beogram 4000 model in 1972.(4) No person eligible to receive a prize in a promotional contest of chance may be required to: (a) Pay any consideration to the promoter or operator of the business in order to participate in the contest; or (b) Purchase any service, goods, wares, merchandise.EM, good FOR ONE zone fare, copper-nickel, 16mm, Brockton, A135C.
At its simplest, a tone arm is a pivoted lever, free to move in two axes (vertical and horizontal) with a counterbalance to maintain tracking pressure.Typical phonograph tonearm Even on a perfectly flat LP, tonearms are prone to two types of tracking errors that affect the sound.Fort hood, texas, comma 1mm from beads / 10C IN trade, brass, 22mm, C-TX1290e.USA, california, transit token, ND (1948) LOS angeles transit lines / good FOR ONE fare, cutouts form PE, copper-nickel, 16mm, A450i.USA, north carolina, transit token, ND (1951) party bonus slot dollars bus R, wilson transit.USA, north carolina, transit token, ND (1982) apple, appalcart IS FOR everyone / apple, good FOR ONE fare, brass, 23mm, A110A spots, Unc.Jewell ridge., 10 / orco., J-shaped cutout, brass, 22mm,.(12) casino poker table cloth The landlord's claim for damages under subsection (11) of this section may not include a claim for loss of business and is limited to: (a) Damage to tangible property and clean-up costs; (b) The lesser of the cost of repair or fair market value.The cabinet contained an Edison Class M or Class E phonograph.

They were five inches (12.7 cm) in diameter and recorded on one side only.