Nvidia gtx 750 ti single slot

Would hope to see more half-height, single slots, but oddly such form-factor even as 750 spec are far and in-between.
The only thing the 750Tis would have over that is power consumption and, maybe, noise.
Display outputs include two dual-link DVI, and one mini-hdmi.The card measures 145 mm in length, and features a single-slot cooling solution.M/item/K / casino dealer hiring in dubai Posted on Jan 13th 2016, 21:04 Reply #20 rhythmeister xorbe said: The Elsa is from Japan I believe.A bit back Palit gts450, probably the only LP card with a blower type of cooling, had it's own sticker on it: carefull hot surface.There isn't much effort into LP cooling.This helps with a tidier cable management and a 300W PSU should be enough for the entire system.The point of sli and xfire is to use low end cards combined to match or surpass high end.Still, 55W vs 110W, will it be loud?2.1 10 MHz 13 MB,.73 inches/171 mm, Dual-slot, 2x DVI 1x hdmi 1x DisplayPort gigabyte GTX 750 Ti OC 2 GB 10 MHz 1350 MHz.03 inches/204 mm, Dual-slot, 2x DVI 2x hdmi gigabyte GTX 750 Ti WindForce 2X Black 11 MHz 1350 MHz.But the 750's are verry low power and with that metal housing i'm thinking to help disperse heat that fan shouldn't spin up too much.
Posted on Sep 8th 2014, 15:45 Reply #10 ensabrenoir RejZoR said: It's gonna be loud.
Posted on Sep 8th 2014, 17:24 Reply #15 GorbazTheDragon Urobulos said: Would have been somewhat pointless even if SLI was supported.That's one of the reasons I get so annoyed when there's only one slot on LP cases.Bohs Hansen / 4 years ago, galaxy used to launch their graphics cards under the KFA2 brand in Europe, but that name is being phased-out.Although, HD 4850 had a pretty dense copper spike array in side.Posted on Sep 9th 2014, 1:08 Reply #18 rhythmeister Necro post, yes, BUT I was hoping somebody on this planet could help me locate this or the Galaxy variant of this card as an upgrade to an ageing HD 7750!Posted on Jan 13th 2016, 21:08 Reply #21 xorbe rhythmeister said: Ah, now I need a translator or the location of the Galaxy version!Share your favourite articles, chat with the team and more.I don't think it can be handled thermally.It supports all the Nvidia based technologies such as G-Sync txaa, fxaa, Adaptive Vertical Sync and Nvidia Surround, DirectX.2 and OpenGL.4.YouTube, where you'll money dress up games find our latest video reviews, event coverage and features in 4K!

Lack of total vram wouldn't be ideal for high end gaming though.
As such, the new single-slot card is launched under the Galaxy brand and is called the GeForce GTX 750 Ti Razor.