Ohio lottery ways to win

ohio lottery ways to win

A six-digit number is generated on the night of online casino script 10 flash games rar the draw and players must match it in exact order to win the top prize.
(3) For each ticket bearing a selection which matches five, and only five, of the six integers drawn, the player wins a regular prize award of one thousand five hundred dollars.
A ticket may contain one or more panels as described in paragraph (B 5) of this rule.(3) At such times as determined by the director, drawings will be conducted during which six unique numbers shall be selected at random from the set of integers one through forty-nine inclusive.In the event that a player has purchased the "Power Play" option, the "Power Play" option of ten is available and the "Power Play" number selected for that respective drawing is ten, the set prize award of one hundred dollars shall be multiplied by ten.Tickets purchased in game rule number fifty-three are automatically deemed by the on-line gaming system to reflect payment of the grand prize jackpot in thirty annual installments.Current lottery games include: Ohio Classic Lotto - Ohio Kicker - Powerball - Mega Millions - Lucky for Life - Pick 3 Evening - Pick 3 Midday - Pick 4 Evening - Pick 4 Midday - Pick 5 Evening - Pick 5 Midday - Rolling.The annuitized option prize shall be determined by multiplying a winner's share of the grand prize by the annuity factor.The following table shows the available odds and prizes for 1 wagers.(8) Valid prize winners are determined by the numbers drawn and not the numbers reported.(1) The director shall conduct game rule number fifty-three in a manner consistent with the Lottery Act, the rules of the commission, including without limitation this rule, and the regulations of the director.Holders of valid winning tickets for a given drawing bearing the numbers drawn in that drawing, in whole or in part, shall be entitled to a prize award in accordance with this rule.
The director or his designee shall designate and certify the amount of the jackpot for each drawing in writing prior to each drawing.Calculation of the amount of "lump sum cash option" or the amount of the "annuity option" shall be in accordance with applicable procedures.In the event that a player has purchased the "Power Play" option and the "Power Play" number selected for that respective drawing is five, the set prize award of four dollars shall be multiplied by five and the player shall be entitled to a total.In addition, the director may authorize sale of game number nine hundred fifty-five tickets at a discount for promotional purposes within the state of Ohio, provided that such discounted sales are reported to the other party lotteries at full gross sales value.Drawings are held daily around 7:05.(D) Structure, nature and value of prize awards.If the holder of a winning ticket does not have the ticket fully validated and the prize is not claimed and presented for payment within one hundred eighty days after the date of the drawing, in accordance with the procedures set forth in lottery rules.All other Mega Millions states set the 2nd through 9th prizes at pre-determined amounts.

If the liability cap is exceeded for a particular drawing, the director shall make the liability cap publicly available by means that the directors deems appropriate.
The player may purchase up to the number of wagers per ticket, or multiples thereof, as designated by the director if a multi-draw wager is requested at the players discretion in accordance with the number of game panels and inclusive drawings.
The set prizes shall be multiplied by the "Power Play" number drawn for that respective drawing, except that the "Power Play" feature shall not apply to the "Powerball" grand prize.