Open slotted band motor

Some motors are not covered by eisa in the exempt list, it is mentioned Customized OEM mounting.
4.61 I would like to know if or when the last time nema has updated/expanded upon the standard for minimum recommended sheave diameters for electric motors.Motor is placed on high density foam.My copy of the nema MG 1 does not appear to have a Part 11, but one of our engineers has a customer that is referencing Part.08.Second, are there guide lines for companies to follow who want a Class F rating on their refurbish rotors or motors in order to get them certified?3.111 In reading both the 20 versions, Section.41 "Breakdown Torque of Polyphase Wound-Rotor Medium Motors with Continuous Ratings" has an error in the table.The query is whether the rule restaurants near fantasy springs casino is applied also for motors with a frequency of 50hz and if so, how could one document this information?The latest installation of this I saw indicated the motor could be run as a 200v motor with a SF.0.
3.105 I would like to clarify locked rotor current between nema.1 para code letter.37.2 and nema.35.1 design code.4.47 I found a misuse in nema MG 1-2009, Revision 1-2010.3.100 I was on the phone this morning with a German-based client who had received a 100Hp North American-style motor for his machinery online betting no deposit bonus assembly.If so, could you please share where I can find documentation on the theory?If they are different, is there a document that compares the two?What is the current revision and what document/revision would have been applicable in the mid to late 1970s (1977 or 1978)?