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"Is that you, Mrs Thorne?" "Yes she replied.
Graeme slid onto the front bench seat and placed his school case on his lap.
Sergeant O'Shea thought she might faint as she held the phone out to him and said, "Take this." The sergeant took the phone from her and said: "What can I do for you?' The male with the foreign accent said, "Is that you, Mr Thorne?".The police officer's next response would be the cause of much regret in the days and weeks to follow.6 7 8, the police investigation that led to the capture and conviction of his murderer, an immigrant named Stephen Bradley, is often considered as sophisticated, pioneering, and the start of modern forensic investigation in Australia.Freda Thorne reeled from the phone as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning emanating from the handset.He hesitated as he got close enough to the block of flats to see that there were lights on and activity in both the downstairs and the upstairs flats.Smith drove to the school, The Scots College in Bellevue Hill, but returned upon finding out Thorne was not there.Although cypresses could be found growing in many people's yards, the combination of the two together was rare.A b "Case that stole our innocence".Whereas once a commercial traveller was financially well rewarded, by the 1950s the modern world had largely overtaken the role, so that Bazil's income was barely enough to live a reasonable life.Bradley was easily able to obtain the number from the exchange operator.
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Stephen Bradley's mug edit:NSW Police Forensic Photography.1 The next day at 10:00 AM, he signed a written confession in English (although he later retracted it 7 part of which states: "I went out and watched the Thorne boy leaving the house and seen him for about three mornings and I have.Every ticket bought supports the future of ballet, opera, dance and music.Bradley looked down at his notebook and said, "Is the phone number at this flat 30-7113?" Freda was surprised and immediately asked, "How did you get that number?" He replied, "I have my ways and means of getting information.Graeme's school cap went flying to the floor and his school case tipped onto its side, but Graeme didn't even have a chance to whimper.4 14 Thorne's morning routine was to wait at the corner of Wellington and O'Brien streets, a walk of approximately 300 metres, 15 where a family friend, Phyllis Smith, would pick him up and take him to school with her sons.As Graeme crossed Francis Street and came within a yard or two of a parked car, a man who was standing by the open front passenger door said to him: "You must be Graeme." Graeme nodded, and the man continued: "I've been sent to pick.The Bondi corner store where he was edit:NSW Police Forensic Photography Archive.If I don't get the money, I'll feed him to the sharks." Sergeant O'Shea's face was deathly pale as he put down the handset, turned to Freda and said, "I think your boy's been kidnapped." Just before 10am, about 10 minutes after making the ransom.A b c "This Is The Man Who Killed My Boy" outburst BY mother AS bradley murder trial opens".

The man stopped the car on the side of the road, saying to Graeme, "He should be here in just a minute.".
Your mother, Freda, has been told, so you'd better get into the car, then we'll pick up the other boy and I'll drop you off at school.".