Poker test cryptography

poker test cryptography

Shannon entropy or information entropy is a measurement of uncertainty.
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The three values are 20, 50, and 70 of the maximum grey level.In other words, given E(c1) and E(c2), it must be possible to answer whether c1c2, without the players learning any other information (specifically, the identities of c1 and c2 ).This will lead to the difference of chi-square value because the number of possible occurrences influences the value.The encryption process converts the original image into another incomprehensible image.The encryption E must be additively homomorphic, so that E(c1)E(c2) E(c1 c2).For cryptography application, four numbers are more convenient to deal with bit streams.Efficient Electronic Gambling: An Extended Implementation of the Toolbox for Mental Card Games.
Tables 6 and 7 present the evaluation results and performance ranking.
Table 4: The evaluation results of Figure 3 by normalized autocorrelation on different directions.The neighbor correlations of pixels are not considered.During the game, Alice and Bob will pick cards from the deck, identified in which order they are placed in the shuffled deck.Figure casino loyalty cards 3 shows Arnolds cat map encryption result of image Lena with different iterations.Alice picks an encryption key A and uses this to encrypt each card of the deck.Thus, Figure 5(d) should be evaluated as the best performed.