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Zodiac World's Finest Comics #160 (September 1966) Theodore.
King Kraken 195 196 Batman #676 (June 2008) King Kraken is an aquatic criminal from Sweden and free online slot machine games with bonus rounds video a deep sea diver known to go up against Batman and Wingman.
"Batman: Joker's Daughter #1".
Brother EYE omac #1 (October 1974) Evil artificial intelligence created by Bruce Wayne and Michael Holt as metahuman database and deterrent, hellbent on conquering the world.Tzin-Tzin Detective Comics #354 (August 1966) Doctor Tzin-Tzin is a Fu Manchu-inspired Asian-looking (but actually American) crime lord who battles Batman several times and once encounters Jonny Double and Supergirl.A b c Dark Knight Rises Bane creator pleased with Tom Hardy portrayal".Tweedledum and Tweedledee Detective Comics #74 (April 1943) Dumphrey and Deever Tweed are a pair of cousins whose similar looks often have them mistaken for identical twins.For Sergeant Whiskeyjack and his squad of Bridgeburners, and for Tattersail, surviving sorceress of the Second Legion, the aftermath of the siege of Pale should have been a time to mourn the many dead.Ra 's al Ghul is the founder of the League of Assassins and is fully aware of Batman's secret identity."Snyder Capullo Introduce New "Batman" Villain; "Harley Quinn" Takes a Road Trip".Snowman Batman #337 (July 1981) Klaus Kristin is the son of a male yeti and a human woman.Chiara began robbing public locations of valuable materials.She was noted as having remarkable strength by Batman, and managed to keep Penguin alive when Black Mask was after him.
Batman worked with Alfred Pennyworth to make Walker believed Robin's slip of the tongue was part of a plan to trap Walker and his men.She is later shot and killed by Deadshot.Corrosive Man Detective Comics #587 (June 1988) A convicted murderer, Derek Mitchel escapes from jail seeking vengeance on Mortimer Kadaver, but best slot machine manufacturers is involved in an unfortunate accident on the way that turns him into a literally corrosive man, his entire skin burned with chemical fire.This accomplishment is short-lived when the likewise Metropolis-based Intergang follows suit and Whale is forced to join their organization.Doctor Death developed lethal chemical gases and threatened wealthy citizens, demanding casino michigan four winds money and tribute to him in exchange for their safety.He became a burglar who committed his crimes in a cat-suit made out of an ancient African cloth he believes gives him a "cat's nine lives".1 348 Newsarama ranked Batman's villains as the second greatest comic book rogues gallery of all time, only preceded by that of Spider-Man, stating that " The Dark Knight Detective is one of comics' most enduring, most iconic, and most popular characters, and none.Toad 320 Big Top 319 Kushti 319 Phospherous Rex 319 Club of Villains Batman #676 (June 2008) The Club of Villains is made up of supervillains led.Paul ends up encountering Batman briefly in the process.Doctor Hurt Batman #156 (June 1963) A Wayne, from the second generation of the family, who lived in the xviii century and worshipped Bat-God Barbatos, but instead confronted Hyper-Adapter.

Sewer King 52 #25 Note 16 (October 2006) The Sewer King is a staff-carrying, sewer-dwelling villain with an army of runaway children he uses as pickpockets.
Unlike Batman, however, he is willing and eager to kill them.
Benedict Asp Batman #486 (November 1992) Benedict Asp is the brother of Shondra Kinsolving, the trained physiotherapist who meets Bruce Wayne when he is dealing with exhaustion and helps to look after him after he is injured by Bane.