Replica casino chips

The gaming machines and the cash machines are all linked.
Crime is paying less and less everyday.
While Frank Sinatra and co plotted an elaborate scheme involving synchronised explosions and inside men, Augustin Dago thought he could order a batch of similar-looking gaming chips and cash them in with a croupier.
If you want to succeed in robbing a casino you have to avoid the chips and go for the cash.Their real value, however, was zero.If rfid doesnt curb robbery, then biometrics might.O ye of little paranoia, the future could see that possibility foiled as well.If youre thinking of robbing a Las Vegas casino, and youre not George aces casino arlington Clooney, I have a word of advice: give up now.Which is why Clooney should make his next.Actually, they do much more than that.Watch cctv footage from the December 14th robbery in the video clip below, followed by the recent press conference from the Las Vegas Police concerning Carleos arrest.
If we start to adopt biometrically enhanced forms of ID and payment then concerns of identity theft could be lessened as well.You can see the suspect fleeing the scene with his motor cycle helmet disguise and less foresight than.Detective Inspector Ann Marie Waller from the Metropolitan Police said: "This was a calculated attempt to commit fraud against one of the major gaming groups in the.Each ticket is unique, and it's not a decipherable "code but rather simply a catalog number that confirms that the ticket has a certain value.The 29 year old suspect is accused of robbing the Bellagio on December 14th of 2010, stealing chips whose face value totaled around.5 million dollars.If a chip is stolen, its ID can be associated with the theft in casino databases, preventing it from being redeemed for cash.I know what youre thinking: Carleo was a fool.

However, concerned that they were being asked to reproduce the casino chips of a well-known company, the manufacturers got in touch with the police, who arrested Dago.
Credit cards are taking a larger and larger share of transactions, and weve seen how biometric technology like iris scans could replace your wallet with your body when it comes to paying even minuscule bills.