Salem a card game of deception

1 Doctor (4) Each night choose a player to heal.
You appear to be good to the Sheriff.
This game is for anywhere gala casino register between 4-12 players and follows the same basic formula as the popular party game.
1 Peaceful Townie (-1) Anytime someone is put on trial you must vote innocent.It is up to the moderator to decide lex slot types if dead players should leave the area or simply remain quiet and courteous if they stay.If youre a hardcore tabletop gamer looking for something to sink extensive periods of time into, this may not be the game for you.Something dark Something sinister Something magical, behold! .Contents show, how to Play, setting Up, before starting, a moderator must be selected and it is advisable for this person to have paper and a writing utensil to help keep track of players.Need at least 4 people to play.
Its also easier to hide under the radar in bigger games, which I think can be a fun strategy for Witches, silently destroying the whole town.
How do the dynamics change with larger groups?
If all living players are cursed, they die and you win.I did not get the opportunity to try this game myself.The accused must provide a defense and once they have finished their defense or the time limit has run out, the voting phase will begin.Players will then look at their own card to see which role they are, but they must not show their card to others.If the majority of players vote guilty on a person, that person is hanged and their role is publicly revealed to all players.

1 Survivor (4) Find and kill the evildoers in the Town.
If that player is attacked you and the attacker will be killed instead.
1 Medium (3) You may choose a dead player to seance with at night to get clues about who killed that player.