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Directly under the motor, behind the stepper is my depth stop, which uses a 1/4-20 screw with gala casino register a dial for fine adjustments.
With the precision slide and 32 TPI leadscrew (on the right) we have a very smooth and reproducible motion of the rod going into the test cell (on the left) at way better than.001".
I'll let you know when it's done and provide additional photos at that time Inside of control box.
Now, my Taig is equipped with a handwheel feed tailstock inspired by the Sherline design.The whole lex slot types thing is mounted in my chuck, it can be easily centred and the cut tweaked a thou at a time on the opposing jaws, the milled groove acts as a pivot point on the torquey side of the block, the nut and bolt.This also makes it easy to position them to give them that 'perfect' grind.The holes for the bearings are.575".I went to considerable trouble to make it look like it belongs on a Taig while at the same time being sufficiently different.(Using the Small Lathe and its special applications for clockmaking and repairing) The rest was designed to fit the Toyo ML 210 lathe which does not have a solid bed like the Peatol(Taig).The half-circle pocket is made with a 3/8" endmill.Another view Another view On my wrist CNC Milling the reverse of the logo into a piece of steel Rolling silver against the steel "die" Rolled link Punching the holes with a Heinrich press Finished links A key fob/ring made out of 3/16" thick brass.I used 8-32 and made the square nuts.
This modification requires that only one spartan slots bonus code hole be drilled in the tailstock leaver.I'm pretty good at scrounging.I used a single edge razor blade in the slot to act as a drill stop. .I made a new bolt handle.In combination with a steel to nylon turntable bearing (with molybdenum disulfide inside for lifelong lubrication) very low wow, flutter and rumble figures were achieved.On the side of the headstock I used the slot for the stop rod for the digital readout and a bracket on the cross slide to mount the ruler end.Center turned.