Slot machine handle pictures

I used a south beach bingo casino bit of locktite to ensure that the jack casino mayweather stub shaft doesn't come loose.
The base of the lathe is a work in progress also - built from left-overs and other scrap to provide a convienient drawer for all the attachments and to raise the work to an acceptable level for an old guy.
Nice original 5 cent machine.
This is a shot of the mill motor mount, the last big part I made on the old AC motor.I have always like this tool post but from time to time get frustrated with it not being "secure" enough.The mill of course is a whole other project!As the pics show my flexi drive can be mounted on the x-slide and milling slide in different positions.I seem to remember a nice PWM speed controller at around 50 that would drive this motor.I had a horrible time trying to make the first few passes as everyone in my household can attest.You cannot stop the chuck at 30 rpm, if the belt didn't slip, it would wreck your hand!, It plows steel off like crazy, rigid taps (and reverses thanks to a double pole single throw switch).From my initial testing, I believe that these carriage modifications can be used with the rack and pinion drive.
#2 #3 Voi Nguyen's CNC mill conversion He installed digital scales on his mill #2 And a neat spindle lock Another view of his mill Michael Sobik made this motor mount and base for his new Taig Note his workbench doubles as the kitchen stove!Wipe or clean all the gibs about once a week or less and apply new way oil.The unit is very compact and works well.The second step was to machine the motor mounting stud holes with pockets to seat the stud nuts flush with the underside of the mount.The rest is adjustable and uses a 3/8" BSF nut this means that one rotation of the collar will raise or lower the file.05" and since the collar is engraved with 10 divisions (this was my first job with the dividing plate) moving the.Each block is 1" long and 1/2" high and sticks out from the front edge of the table 1/2". .Adapter block was ready made - direct from junkbox Detail of adapter block - simple channel milled width of tailstock lever Clamp from mill adapter use to prevent slipping of compound.Standard hardware store bolts or easier to machine Grade 5 bolts could also be used.