Spanish 21 match the dealer payouts

Note: Splitting Aces can only have one additional card can be dealt per hand.
Click Hit to add another card to your hand.
Rules Decks House Edge H17.78.80 S17.37.38 H17 with redoubling.42.45 Rule Changes Change in House Edge No surrender (H17).018 No surrender (S17).006 No draws on split Aces (H17 or S17).28.
Always stand when your total is a hard 17 or higher.Pair of 9s Split against dealers 2 6 and.Pair of 4s Always hit.Click Stand to stop adding cards.Spanish 21 is a variation of one of the most iconic casino games, Blackjack.If you bust, your bet is lost.The worst house edge that youll find at land based Spanish 21 tables is usually.Youre not in a good enough position to double down.Split in all other scenarios.In most venues, if the dealer does not have blackjack, players may surrender, and get half their bet back in exchange for relinquishing the right to play.
Number of Decks Non-Suited Match Double Non-Suited Match Suited Match Suited Non-Suited Match Double Suited Match House Edge 2 4:1 8:1 15:1 19:1.63 4 4:1 8:1 10:1 14:1 20:1.20 5 3:1 6:1 13:1 16:1 26:1.53 6 4:1 8:1 9:1 13:1 18:1.
Soft 19 (A8) and up Always stand.The ability to Late Surrender at any time is a huge benefit to players, as they can entertain certain avenues such as splitting or doubling without fear of losing the entirety of their wager should things go wrong.This type of surrender is known as a "late surrender" (LS).Hit in all other scenarios.To make up for this difference most live online casinos will have looser playing rules.Match Play 21: You have Triple 7 and so the carousel casino and entertainment world does the Dealer 7-7-7 all spades 6-7-8 all spades 21 on 7 or more cards 7-7-7 all of the same suit 6-7-8 all of the same suit 6-card hand equaling.Players are allowed to double down when they have two or more cards.Blackjack (a natural total of 21 on the first two cards) always wins, and is always paid 3:2 regardless of whether or not the dealer has a blackjack.Try your luck at something quite different.This wager is based on matching either of your first two cards with the dealers upcard.