Spanish version of uno card game

Scores are kept and points are awarded, giving this the time bingo o clock and half past potential to be a very competitive activity!
Its a great concept and forces players to use skills and vocabulary they already have while introducing additional vocabulary.
Looking for partners or want to take the game to go?
Language learning can be so interactive and coolif youre willing to play a few games and learn some new skills.Apps ( App Store / Google Play ) make it possible to play even when las cartas (the cards) arent with you!Kayak Game, fight the stream, avoid obstacles and row hard.Chinchon Chinchon is a game for two to 12 players and is similar to Rummy.What better place to start than Spanish card games?Its a simple draw-and-discard game that focuses on matching pairs and making runs.
Play on the run with the app ( App Store / Google Play ). .
"AND if you suspect that someone has illegally played this card, they have to show you their hand.Those are build-and-sequence skills so anything thatll strengthen those gets us closer to language proficiency.Youll be (pleasantly!) surprised as the game progresses because speaking Spanish will feel more natural as you go along.When a phrase is mastered, its put in a pile for a challenge roundwhich is the time to prove youve actually tucked whats on the card into your Spanish vocabulary!These are the cards open para capturar (to capture). .And when youre laying down one of the heavy cards, smile as you watch your opponent squirm because a smile translatesno words needed!Think color and number learning with this one.Play Pack Them Up, pack the boxes with the correct words to fit the categories.if your partner asks.Classic kloo is designed for learners up to the intermediate level and is even accessible to absolute beginners.