Superstar smtown inventory slot

The amount of diamonds available depends on the league you are.
Burning Time is specifically at 6PM-10PM KST.
Headphones Headphone purchasing options with diamonds.
The price of these packages is determined by the current exchange rate between your domestic currency and the Won.Upgrading is a good way to get the themes that you want for your group.Challenge Mode: Unlocked after you beat all the songs in one difficulty, easy/normal/hard.You are guaranteed at least 1 S card per 5 cards in a premium pack.If you used ra salvatore book release it for powering up cards, if you sold the card, etc.).Everyone that plays SSM is placed into this one league.Only 100 power UP card can be purchased through shop, the others are obtained from superstar league and events.
Card Selectors: Items that you can use to select any A/S/R card of your choice.
Once a highest grade card is obtained, the card book will still retain that information regardless of whether or not you don't have that card anymore (e.g.Placing in the bottom 5 will move you down a league.Step 6: Enjoy the game!Middle places get RP, and the RP and diamonds given becomes higher as your rank gets higher.Jump Up Ticket: Item that can be used to 'jump' to a higher league (e.g Silver II to Gold III) Meet the promotion expected value of the bracket that you want to "jump" to during league reset The league you want to "jump" to should.Using massive amounts of RP on other groups will be a waste if you are playing competitively.E-mail: email protected Office Page: perstar.The best strategy is to either balance out all of your cards (e.g.

The Event FAQ section at the end is based on what has been seen in the past.
You won't score higher on f(x s "Airplane" than f(x s "4 Walls" just because "Airplane" has more notesyou'll score higher on whichever song you play better.
Make sure you adjust your timing every so often, sometimes your reaction speed/beat hearing can change as you play the game.