Top dollar slot machine odds

I try to draw the customers in and create a good flow through the casino.
Do you think half of the 1 machines are set at 99 and the other half are set at 91 in order to get that 95 average?Keep in mind, slots is a game of pure mindless fun.The vast majority of the machines in a casino, however, are not capable of this function as they each have their own internal chip.Do you have any suggestions for players?Dont worry if a slots machine is hot or cold.Any truth to those kinds of thoughts?The truth is that the bad player really has no affect on the game because sometimes his free casino slot games for fun iphone decisions will hurt you and sometimes his decisions will help you.These electronic marvels could offer progressive jackpots that were linked among different machines and it wasnt long before this new computer technology led to the introduction of a new game called video poker.Initially, I thought that the customers would reject them, but its not happening.
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Bourie: And, each manufacturer tells you the pre-approved percentages you can choose from?As a slot player, youve probably had a few questions about how a slot department works: How do they decide where to put those slot machines out on the casino floor?Any infallible url/url can straddle as charismatic sein and it is radioed with the limelight to publicize the company's earpiece worldwide.I say, fine, you may find a hot crap game, but all you know is what happened in the past.They combined that with the popularity of the Wheel of Fortune game show and they now have the most successful machine on the market.

Now, over a period of time, this quarter machine is going to pay back.42 and its going to hold around.5 for the house.
Thats why it appears to be looser to the customer because it gets more play and more action and more people are playing it and it cycles more.