What program is used to determine employees bonuses

Enrollees currently deployed under the cross drilled slotted rotors vs standard embpfp/RP (the old program) as of November 5, 2008 will be given the option of remaining on the embp-FP/RP or switching to the embp-DP for the remainder of their deployment.
BU 10: BU 12: 3/15/2017 BU 13: 3/15/2017 BU 16: 5/2/2017 BU 18: 3/15/2017 BU 19: 4/1/2017 Excluded: 7/1/2016 Should the base room rate exceed the rates noted above an Excess Lodging Rate Approval Request (STD 255C) (PDF) must be submitted and approved by your.
The differential pay is the difference between your City salary and your Military slot machine repairs 2 beers face emoji Pay where the military pay is less than the City salary.The Extended Military Benefits Program promulgated by the City from October 2001 until November 4, 2008, was a "full pay/repayment plan" program.When do I have to report back to work?Revised 12/02/10, for more details, including definitions please see the Terms of the Extended Military Benefits Program.You must provide the information within the time period specified by your agency.When do I have to start to repay the money?The benefits will continue for as long as your Ordered Military Duty meets the eligibility requirements of the embp.If you are repaying a debt accrued while on the embp-FP/RP your repayment term will stop and resume upon your return to City service.You should register to receive your paychecks through direct deposit if possible.
What if I do not provide sufficient LESs for my agency to determine my military pay?What if I was enrolled in the embp program and I am still out on deployment as of November 5, 2008?May I return my uncashed City paychecks?If you decline to enroll in the program, you will be asked to complete and sign form DP-2531: Declination of the Extended Military Benefits Program.For the purposes of the embp, if you transfer to a City entity that is not on the Citys payroll system, this matter will be treated as if you have separated from City service.What about for my family?Can I decline to enroll in the embp?"Ordered Military Duty" shall mean involuntary military duty performed as a member of the organized militia or reserve forces or reserve components of the armed forces of the United States with or without consent of that member.

You must sign and have notarized form DP-2520: Enrollment in the Extended Military Benefits Program, your contact information while deployed (Page 3 of DP-2520 and the DP-2532: Time Balance Usage form.
Is the time between when I return home and when I report back to work part of the time period covered by the embp?
You must submit your LESs.