Who played money mike in friday after next

He works sometimes as today dunder free spins an ice-cream man.
He behaved pretty much like an overgrown trouble-making punk, wore clothes that were somewhat childish in fashion, and never was shown driving a car but was always seen riding a bike.
Hot for Preacher : Inverted with Pastor Clever, who goes running off to have an an affair with Craig's neighbor, Mrs.
Incoming Ham : Smokey first appears by sticking his head in Craig's window, ripping off the curtain and shouting "Break yo self, fool!" Improvised Weapon : Ironic Echo : Willie Jones, after taking a dump, warns against anyone using the bathroom for "35, 45 minutes.".Terry Crews ) who just got out of prison to beat the rent out of them if they don't pay.Later she and Money Mike comes to the rent party at Craig and Day-Day's apartment.Chris Tucker ) joins him as the duo observes the other oddball characters in the neighborhood.Joi Joi (played by Paula Jai Parker) is Craig's girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend who always mistakenly thinks that Craig is cheating on her whenever a lady is near Craig, such as Debbie and Felisha.Money Mike uses pliers he found behind the toilet to squeeze his testicles.It also makes him twitch involuntarily.He appears as an antagonist in "Friday and as an "archive footage" in "Next Friday".Last Friday, and set soccer 13 pools results and payouts for release in 2018.
Angry Guard Dog : Chico in Next Friday.
friday is an urban comedy film created.Drugs Are Bad : While it's played as comedy, the first movie does show what the effects of taking drugs can do to you.She also harbors a sexual attraction to Craig's father, who she tried to seduce when he came to her apartment to find the bathroom.Froggy Fresh - The Baddest.Stanley is a friend of the Jones family, and is part-rich.Moly is beat up by the sons of the carolers who Craig and (mainly) Day-Day bother.Damon attempts to do this to Money Mike near the film's end.