Who presents the postcode lottery advert

Celebrating Volunteers The Big Green Weekend is the national flagship event of The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).
"I know that players of People's roulette tournament rules Postcode Lottery have already raised a massive 124 Million for charity so it will be great to meet some of them and deliver a bit of happiness up and down the country.Payment, you pay monthly to play.Charity Sistema Scotland is on a mission to transform the lives of children in some of Scotland's most disadvantaged communities.Walking is very straightforward, but the benefits are endless.32 goes to charity, and our players have raised over 361 Million so far.Players in thousands of postcodes win each week.With something for everyone to enjoy, the Big Green Weekend was all about celebrating the brilliant work of dedicate.Only playing postcodes are entered into our draws, so there are always guaranteed winners.Essex-favourite, jeff Brazier and Welsh TV presenter, matt Johnson have joined the team and part of their duties will be delivering life-changing cheques to lucky players.
Emma Thompson Actor and Activist "When it comes to protecting human rights or saving the planet some civil disobedience is needed.
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Every year, Write for Rights encourages people to send messages.Your support will have an incredible impact that will ensure children can go to school, access clean water, stay healthy, and grow up in a community where they have a voice and are supported to make a safe and secure living as they grow.Shipwreck, said, I can't wait to get the chance to break such fantastic news.Two well-known television stars have today become People's Postcode Lottery Ambassadors.Each subscription costs 10 per month.I'm so grateful to players of People's Postcode Lottery - thank you, thank you, thank you!The more subscriptions you play with, the more you can win.

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