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Singing from The Pretty Things and Sandie Shaw, who is also interviewed Pop Menu.
Blue Oyster Cult was the headliner, but the how lost interest for me when they played.
He has his own fan club.His name was Lonnie and he was older than me by a year or two.In 1964, lunchtime shows were old hat and the series ended."Everyone gets what he deserves in ny lottery scratch off tickets the end he pronounces philosphically Glencannon slots to play for free 50 lions Menu.LP is a guardsman talking to camera about how tv should be run along military lines.They mistake Arthur's beloved (Angela Douglas) for Enid, and Arthur (Arthur Mullard) is not amused.I never did any research to see if the car accident was true or just a way to keep the crowd from rioting.
Noote is typing up the Bishop's correspondence but is so long winded, he is ordered to use initials wherever possible.
I remember watching the guy 3 rows in front of me dancing on the railing at the Boston Garden - also a security carrying a young girl passed out.After falling from his ladder he is confined to bed.The nag wins the race, but Lily loses the betting slip in one of the new dresses, which leads to them all being ripped apart right in front of the boss, but such, er, conscientiousness, appears to impress the buyer!Susan explains, with a good line from her dad, "my daughter always tells the truth." It transpires the valuable diamond has turned back to its former state, the process was all a scam, so a disillusioned Aggie returns to her hotel, where she refuses.The last of the series, says Lonnie) Lonnie with guest Alma Cogan 1961 series in which comedy filmlets with Lonnie started each show.The lights went down, and I will never forget this, I could see Eric back by the amps holding a mic, it was dark but not pitch black.BOC were great once again, even though the "Mirrors" album was a bit of a let down for me at the time it was released.However the demanding Mr Stone sa military veterans pension payout is still not amused and returns Tony to his part as Uncle Bunny.

They'd overlooked that point!
Replacing this, came the first of the new series of Big Night Out still not fully networked, with Mike and Bernie, Lionel Blair again appearing each week.
Then a duet a lively Nice to Have You Back Where You Belong, followed by Wherever.