Witcher 3 gear set bonus

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Finally, head towards the Monster Den which is north of Dulcinea Windmill and get inside the cave to find this last part of the Diagrams for Feline Steel, Silver Sword, and Gauntlets.
Witcher 3 - Wolf School Gear DLC Map Locations.
You can only Craft the Gear at Grandmaster Smith Lafargue.Players will need the Mastercrafted version of each armor piece in order to craft the Grandmaster quality armor.Saw a fix to get this gear.Here you will use the Aard to open the cracked door and follow the path until you come to the area with a red box near the Steps.Pass around the left side of the building and look for a pile of rubble.If you need help with other areas of the game, then head over to our.The First Piece we will be looking for is the Manticore Steel Sword which can be found west of Corvo Bianco.These diagrams allow players to craft the highest quality Bear School armor and swords.
The cave also contains armor dyes and various other loot, so be sure to thoroughly pillage the cave before leaving.The Witcher 3 wolf gear bug fix in this video i show you how to get the witcher 3 basic wolf gear.Doesn't work, I wasted 25min attempting the jump.Fight the creature and proceed through the corridor.Watch live at /krushim Full thorough walkthroughs, not just this map and loc crap people put up(those aren't walkthroughs) Ep47, 2 parts.En vidéo, le bug qui touche pas mal de personne en ce qui concerne la quête pour obtenir le set de l'école du Loup (DLC bug qui touche aux coffres se situant).You need to get to the swamp then head east where you find a run-down estate, now keep following the wall to the right until you climb the scaffolding and get inside.

Now travel northwest of Plegmund's Bridge to find an Abandoned Temple in Sansretour Valley.
Reward : Half Set Bonus : After Heavy Attack, you sword will gain 5 damage for light attacks for 5 seconds.