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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a film that eventually revolves around hydra being in shield all along and using a horrifying brainwashing technique on Bucky as well as their plans to kill people with a satellite.
The video games "Operation Genesis "Park Creator" and "Jurassic World: The Game" subvert this trope; they allow you to make your very own dinosaur park and succeed where 400 arabic card game John Hammond and Simon Masrani failed as long as you play your cards just right.Someone on the my lottery dream home youtube design team failed to realize beating up Mick isn't exactly what most Rolling Stones fans dream of doing, social slots casino vegas and "Mick on a Stick" became the poster child for the Scrappy Mechanic in pinball from there on out.T2 also had a plug in the July 1992 issue of Disney Adventures including a villain feature that highlighted the T-1000 (a liquid metal killer that brutally executes multiple people over the course of the film).Block of wood not included.Adult swim sells officially licensed Rick and Morty yarmulkes, of all things.Judge Dredd had a range of action figures.Speed Racer had a tie-in toy line, video game, and all sorts of other merchandise.The one part of the franchise (now discredited) that got a Teen rating was a first-person shooter, that had a comparatively Lighter and Softer tone than the animated series!But that doesn't stop the "3" label on some of them (especially the Elektra one) from being funny.: Barbie promoting herself through the Girl Scouts.Seuss book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, had the exact same problem.
While the two share some superficial similarities, they belong to different genres and fall on completely opposite ends of the Sliding Scale of Idealism.Game Boy shower gel, in a black, brick-like container modeled after the original Game Boy.Designed to look like shrapnel.Averted in the Japanese trailer, where the traditionally drawn scenes are more advertised.In reality, it is a melancholic action-jrpg meant for an older audience, made by the same people responsible for Drakengard.

An Invader Zim edutainment game.
They had Twilight toys at Burger King.
Disney Stores have sold stuffed Cruella de Villes (we guess kids need punching bags Oogie Boogie s, Jafars, and Aslans, the last of which is probably a sin of some sort (at least if you're Orthodox).